Wednesday, July 18, 2012

State of Mind...Under a Week to Go

I went to the law school for an hour today. The building crawled with frantic soon-to-be attorneys, milling about, chatting about a practice test many of them just took.

Loners broke from the pack, hiding silently surrounded by their carrel desks or behind stacks of books upstairs in the back corner of the library. Splinter cells amassed in every room, behind every wall, every window.

Shops were set up. Fortresses had been constructed. Walls of blackletter law barricaded these study-bingers from the rest of the world. Bridgeless moats filled with chomping gators warded off any would-be interrupters.

Some shoulders hunched at computer screens, others laid back on couches or comfortable chairs in the lounge. Books, folders, binders, papers, note cards, pens and highlighters scattered across every table.

Anxiety, fear, intensity, dedication and perseverance dangled thickly in the air. I could smell the mental sweat. I could hear the wheels turning. I could see the effort, the desperation, the determination as they burrowed deeply into their books. 

As for me I switch where I study practically by the hour. I do a session at one coffee shop, a session at home for lunch, an afternoon session at another coffee shop then back home to finish up. The order is not the same each time but you get the idea. The walk from Westport to home to 39th street refreshes my dwindling spirit. The sun, the heat, the sweat recharges a bored, drained mind.

5 hours and 25 minutes under a week from now I will be finished with the bar. I will have completed my obligation as a law student, to myself. Book II will be closed and the epilogue will consist of hurried packing before I return home to start Book III.

I write, I listen to music and I read other material to keep my mind going, to refresh my dehydrated mind.

Can I please get a montage?

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