Monday, July 30, 2012


The following stories started as one question: “What is your favorite part of the Constitution?” As my classmates answered, the story cultivated itself. As my sources spoke I found direction, an unmapped course, a winding route of potential. My question and source lists expanded, and a project emerged among the scribbled pages in my haggard notebook.
These posts are editorials I’ve put together to try to tell the story of my 3L class as we walk into an empty job market wracked with accumulating debt. I’ve interviewed fellow classmates and a few other Juris Doctorates who are legally certified attorneys. I thank everyone for taking their time out to talk to me. I had planned to write an entire article but realized I fall unfortunately short in regards to balance.
I wanted to file a complete story, but the Bar came first. I had to complete my primary objective because I signed up and I had no plans to fail. So, I want to put what I’ve compiled, a subjective view of law school, law and lawyers as told by my classmates and myself.
I’ve interviewed mostly recent UMKC grads so the perspective is limited. To finish this story correctly, I need to interview underclassman, potential law students, professors, members of any Board of Law Examiners, practicing attorneys of all ages, disciplines, experiences and jurisdictions, members of the medical field and citizens in general.

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